Play sudoku against your friends!

Our indie game development team needs your help!
We are looking for beta-testers to try out our multiplayer sudoku game!

You need an Apple mobile device with iOS 14 and a gamecenter account.

Sudorace allows you to play online with multiple people on the same grid of sudoku. You can play in realtime with other players or you can play when you're available. Each cell is coloured according to the number of opponents who filled it. 

Be the fastest!

Challenge friends and players from all over the word on @sudorace!

Invite players or be invited, join other players' games, and be the fastest to solve the sudoku grid you have in common!

How can I become a beta tester?

Go to our beta public link and you will be invited to install Apple TestFlight and, then, our sudorace game.

This is the official Apple app to enable beta testers to reach sudorace beta.

Apple TestFlight app

Invite, be invited, join, play!

Choose sudoku arenas to solve, play against other players and try to be the first to finish the grid.

Feel the pressure of your opponents' skills

When your opponents are solving the grid, the cells they have completed are colored, live, making you stress even more!

And many more challenges!

Try to be the best in the various scoreboards we implemented for you in the Apple gamecenter

And you got many achievements to complete!

How to play sudorace...


To start a game, tap new and choose the difficulty level in the dialog. When the grid is displayed, you can invite friends or play solo and then start the game by tapping start.

The game grid

The game grid has a name displayed on lower left corner of the grid. This allows players to identify the game they want to join.

The level of current game is displayed on lower right corner of the grid.

When playing, the elapsed time since the start of the game is displayed. The names and progress of the 3 best players of the current game are listed, this rank is lively updated. At any time, you can share your state of mind with your friends, sending emojis to the game's players.

Join a game

Tap join to list games and join the one you select, whether it has been created by yourself or by another player.


Sudorace counts each player points to create an all players leaderboard, visible in leaderboard list of the Game Center.
Each player begins with a capital of 100 points. Whoever ends a game wins 10% of the points of the other players (who have not finished yet)

Tips and tricks

Be careful, you can enter a number that takes you to a cul-de-sac (i.e. making it impossible to finish the grid)

To clear the last entries, use the undo button.

Your feedback

Soon on the App Store...

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